Leading API-First Tools for


A suite of AI-driven products to calculate and reduce carbon emissions.

Leading API-First Tools for


A suite of AI-driven products to calculate and reduce carbon emissions

Pioneering Embedded Carbon Measurement

Our carbon measurement technology enables you to provide Carbon-Measurement-as-a-Service (CMAAS) to your clients to proactively drive decarbonisation, stay ahead of regulation, boost revenue, and mitigate climate risk.

Featuring AI emissions auto-categorisation, as well as spend- and activity-based carbon emissions calculations, our data models provide effortless and complete emissions calculations that are granular and scalable.

Our products are optimised for:

  • Banks
  • Insurance Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital Funds

Centralising Financial Institutions in Decarbonisation

Our carbon emissions models are optimised for businesses of all sizes, increasing your horizon of opportunities to foster engagement, drive revenue and mitigate risk with your customers.


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Helping businesses align with

Our Solutions

Our carbon intelligence infrastructure supports businesses and consumers on their decarbonisation journey by embedding carbon management within the financial products they use daily. Our data architecture increases the horizon of opportunities within sustainable finance through making emissions management more accessible, complete and scalable.

  • Connect Insights

Every Transaction has an Impact

Connect Insights’ carbon intelligence infrastructure empowers retail banks and fintech providers to enhance revenue streams and foster customer engagement around sustainability.

By integrating transaction-based carbon emissions calculations directly within retail banking applications, institutions can offer personalised insights to their customers, driving awareness and action towards environmental responsibility.



Suitable for:

  • Retail Banks
  • B2C Neobanks
  • B2C Fintechs
  • Connect Report

Stay Ahead of Regulation Through Carbon Emissions Measurement

Our API-first white-label carbon reporting platform, Connect Report, enables you to offer your clients carbon accounting-as-a-service. Prepare yourself and your clients for regulations globally like the CSRD, SFDR and others. Available as an API or standalone product.

Powered by AI emissions categorisation and a hybrid of spend- and activity based emissions data, our transactional carbon measurement models are used by leading financial institutions globally.

Suitable for:

  • Commercial Banks
  • B2B FinTechs and Neobanks
  • Accounting Firms
  • Insurance Firms

Delivering Results That Matter

“We implemented Connect Earth’s transactions API within our mobile app, and within 2 months, we saw an increase in our customers’ engagement by 2% and higher environmental awareness by 20%. Because of these promising results and the seamless and productive collaboration with Connect Earth team, we are continuing our work with them, hoping for even greater achievements.”

Veronika Georgieva
Digital Product Manager, KBC Bank

Engage Climate Conscious Consumers

88% of consumers want brands to help them live more sustainably. By converting transaction-data into scalable carbon footprint estimates, Connect Earth data infrastructure is designed to help you engage, acquire and retain a growing audience of climate-conscious customers. 

Drive NPS Scores and Customer Satisfaction

Enable your customers to not only measure and reduce their carbon footprint, but also understand how they can adjust their spending decisions to adopt conscious consumerism. Connect Earth technology isn’t just about data, it’s about placing financial institutions at the centre of harnessing and facilitating smarter choices. 

Proactively Manage Portfolio Emissions 

For the majority of banks, financed emissions can be over 700x larger than their operational emissions. With Connect Earth’s white label carbon accounting solution, you can seamlessly measure the carbon footprint of your SME customers.

Be a Leader in Transition Finance

93% of consumers expect sustainable finance to become the norm. Position yourself as a financial institution that empowers clients to be a part of the climate conversation, by offering actionable insights into how they can reduce their emissions, driven by Connect Earth’s behavioural science expertise. 

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