Embed carbon footprint insights into your business banking application

Connect Earth’s API is used by leading banks around the world to enhance engagement with their commercial account holders through sustainability initiatives.

Capture the interest of the exponentially growing audience of climate conscious customers, whilst driving your internal carbon measurement initiatives.

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Catalyse Business Transformation Through Carbon Tools

“Banks play a crucial role in guiding businesses towards sustainability by offering tools to understand and reduce their carbon footprint.

Providing carbon insights not only aids businesses in minimising their environmental impact but also aligns with the growing demand for sustainable finance, helping companies meet regulatory requirements and seize new market opportunities.”

– Nick Carmont, Co-Founder and CTO at Connect Earth

Key Solution Characteristics

Enable your business clients to embrace enhanced transparency in their operations.

Step-by-step carbon emissions estimates for your SME customers

Analysis of hotspots and main sources of emissions

Performance benchmarking against the SME’s industry

Tailored reduction recommendations

Easy-to-read reports tailored to customers, financiers or supply chain partners

How does it work?

Connect Earth’s API offers business banks powerful tools to enhance customer engagement and revenue through sustainability. It integrates seamlessly into banking apps, providing customers with instant carbon emissions data for their transactions. This feature not only promotes more conscious banking but also solidifies customer relationships by aligning with their values.

Using a blend of spend- and activity-based emissions data, as well as behavioural science, financial institutions can engage & acquire customers, drive deposits and spending, whilst also reducing emissions of their business banking customers.

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Why Connect Earth?

Unlocking sustainable growth: The Strategic Advantage of CMAAS (Carbon-Measurement-as-a-Service)

Engage climate conscious businesses

Introduce your business clients to carbon accounting by offering a simple, intuitive way to measure their carbon emissions within your digital banking environment.

Help your SME clients achieve Net Zero

Utilise our data models to funnel customers into advanced carbon measurement tools, sustainable financing, sustainable investing, and other use-cases. We can act as a simple funnel for you to identify clients that are keen to drive further decarbonisation initiatives.

Drive client acquisition

93% of SMEs are looking to invest in carbon reporting in the next 3 years – capture this audience of increasingly climate conscious businesses and support them on their decarbonisation journey.


Drive your NPS score significantly by offering a new value add, beyond banking.

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