Connect Earth Partners With Greenspark to Forge a Realistic Path to Decarbonisation for SMEs

Aug 3, 2023 | News

London, UK, August 3rd, 2023 – Our strategic partnership with Greenspark aims to empower SMEs to move towards decarbonisation, starting with US-based businesses. By integrating Connect Earth’s carbon reporting solution with Greenspark’s vetted carbon removal platform, we are forging a clear path involving measuring, reducing and removing CO2.

Our parts to play

The need to measure, report and act on carbon footprint has become increasingly obvious to the businesses of the world. In light of this, we created an easily embeddable solution, Connect Report, that allows for the automation of carbon accounting. This means SMEs can gain direct insights into their carbon footprint and then take meaningful, informed action to decarbonise. 

Greenspark is a company driven by the belief that every business, regardless of its size, can make a significant impact against climate change. They have established a platform that enables their network to participate in carbon removal efforts through partnerships with planet-positive projects that undergo thorough vetting and verification.

As a result of the partnership, our solution is now being integrated within Greenspark’s platform, allowing for the journey to decarbonisation to become further automated. Greenspark’s US based SME customers will be amongst the first able to measure and report on their carbon emissions to establish their starting point; before working to remove the emissions they cannot look to reduce. 

This feature will help simplify and encourage positive action by distributing carbon emissions reporting knowledge and power to SMEs.

Lenny Leemann, CEO and Co-founder of Greenspark said “Teaming up with Connect Earth marks a significant milestone in our mission to combat climate change. This partnership empowers our SME customers with an efficient and comprehensive solution to measure, report, and act on their carbon footprint. Our partnership creates a realistic path to decarbonisation for small and medium-sized businesses. Together, we can drive positive action and make a meaningful impact on the journey towards a more sustainable future.”

Shaping the future with collaborative impact

Separately, Connect Earth and Greenspark have contributed to tons of CO2 management. As of August 2023, Greenspark’s community has contributed to the removal of 11,150 tons of CO2, a number that continues to grow daily. Whilst at Connect Earth, we have estimated carbon emissions for almost 1 billion non-unique financial transactions and forged partnerships with leading financial institutions and climate related projects. Together, by combining our expertise and resources, Connect Earth and Greenspark have pioneered a transformative path to decarbonisation for SMEs. 

Co-founder and CEO of Connect Earth, Alexander Lempka, said: “This partnership allows Greenspark’s SME customers to take the next step towards Net Zero and decarbonisation. By starting from a place of informed knowledge, SMEs will be able to commit to verified climate action.”

Co-founder and CTO of Connect Earth, Nick Carmont Zaragoza, said: “Greenspark’s commitment to fighting climate change is not only inspiring, but also drives real, impactful change. We are incredibly proud to collaborate with Greenspark and are excited about the impact the SME carbon accounting tool will bring.”


About Connect Earth: 

Founded in 2021, Connect Earth is a London-based environmental data company that democratises easy access to sustainability data. With its carbon tracking API technology, Connect Earth is on a mission to empower people to make sustainable choices and bridge the gap between intent, knowledge and action. Connect Earth supports financial institutions in offering their individual and SME customers transparent insights into the climate impact of their spending.

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