Measure and embed carbon data with Connect Insights

Help inspire climate conscious behaviour with our carbon tracking API.

There is a strong appetite around understanding the impact of purchases. Connect Insights was developed to empower consumers to favour low carbon brands. Use our carbon tracking API to seamlessly embed carbon footprint insights for day-to-day transactions.


    • Banks
    • FinTechs
    • ClimateTechs


    • Carbon data estimates for every transaction
    • Insights and tips to put carbon data into real life action
    • Continuously updated and improved data models and databases


    Connect Insights enables businesses to integrate financial data with carbon emissions data. Whether your end customer is an individual or a business, our API estimates the carbon footprint of every transaction. Connect Insights encourages conscious spending, and our API has been built to prompt users with tips and tricks to put carbon data into real life action.

    We implemented Connect Earth’s transactions API within our mobile app, and within 2 months, we saw an increase in our customers’ engagement by 2% and higher environmental awareness by 20%. Because of these promising results and the seamless and productive collaboration with Connect Earth team, we are continuing our work with them, hoping for even greater achievements.”

    Veronika Georgieva
    Digital Product Manager, KBC Bank


    Redefine what financial services stand for

    It’s never been a better time for financial services to take a stand. Be a catalyst for change and set sustainability and ESG at the top of your agenda.

    Enable climate action

    68% of consumers want more information to help make better sustainable choices. With integrated carbon data you can empower customers in understanding and reducing their carbon footprint.

    Retain & attract customers

    67% of consumers want their financial institutions to be more sustainable. Respond to this increase in demand by taking action. Strong and authentic communications regarding your sustainable efforts can help attract new customers and improve brand loyalty.

    “When it comes to climate solutions, consumers hold much more power than they realise. With household consumption having an influence on the sectors responsible for about 72% of global emissions, consumers have the ability to shift capital towards greener means and vastly reduce global emissions. Connect Insights enables consumers to easily view the estimated carbon impact of their consumption and have a decision over the global impact of their daily spending.”

    Nicolas Carmont
    Co-Founder and CTO at Connect Earth

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