A Passionate Team

An innovative team with BIG ideas.

Meet the brains behind Connect Earth.

Alex Lempka, Co-Founder and CEO

Alex has 5 years of experience in the FinTech space. He started his career in Business Development in the first FinTech that IPO-ed on SGX. His first venture was a localisation agency focused specifically on FinTechs. He spent several years consulting a range of startups, and found a love for the impact space. In 2021, he co-founded Connect Earth by combining his experience in FinTech with his passion for sustainability.

Nick Carmont, Co-Founder and CTO

Nick’s sustainability journey started as one of the initial engineers in a second-hand marketplace part of the Climate Launchpad program. In 2019, he founded NetZero, a B2C carbon footprint application in the early days of open banking in the UK. Then, he went to work at Amazon as a software engineer in their Softlines and Climate Pledge Friendly teams. With that experience, Nick co-founded Connect Earth in 2021.

George Bradley, Sales Lead

George leads and builds outstanding sales teams to achieve customer acquisition and strong growth. Having spent a decade in sales in SaaS, corporate services, hospitality and charity, George’s broad experience is underpinned by strong values and a desire to use business as a force for good. With the ClimateTech space growing rapidly, George is excited to lead the sales team and help Connect Earth scale new heights.

Oliver Malmed, Senior Account Executive

For the past decade, Oliver has been helping SaaS-based Seed and Series A-funded businesses scale their commercial operations to predictable revenue via expert qualification and sales processes. Previously, Oli helped companies like PassFort (now a Moody’s Analytics company) scale from inception to exit. The huge rise in demand for sustainability-related products has led him to make the decision to go ‘all-in’ on helping financial institutions execute more effectively when it comes to sustainability initiatives.

Karolina Szweda, Head of Growth Marketing

Karolina is a mission-driven marketing professional with 5 years of experience working in global, cross-functional roles across 5 countries. Having worked in a large corporation, an agency, a non-profit organisation and a venture capital firm, she has a wealth of experience across industries as well as an understanding of the tech landscape. Today, Karolina is leading growth marketing at Connect Earth.

Callum Campbell, Product Lead

Callum has extensive career experience working for small and large organisations across a range of industries, countries, and technical and non-technical roles. His career started in technical operations and he quickly progressed into a managerial position. After running his own business and taking on contracting roles, he found his calling in product management where he now has 4 years of experience. Today, Callum is leading product at Connect Earth.

Josh Couchman, Head of Data Strategy

After gaining his MEng in Mechanical Engineering, Josh joined Connect Earth as employee #2. With his problem-solving pedigree and strong analytical ability, he quickly took on additional responsibility in managing the data acquisition processes, as well as honing his Python and data science skills. Today, Josh is leading data strategy at Connect Earth, where he uses his multi-disciplinary skills to help create Connect Earth's data products.

Ally Boulton, Chief of Staff

Ally (Aelwen) has a decade of experience working within business operations across international businesses and small startups. She started her career in the independent retail space and has since worked her way through various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, education and software; to learn the intricacies of running a business efficiently and effectively. She has taken learnings from each of these sectors and brings them to Connect Earth as Chief of Staff with the hopes of making the team more streamlined, more impactful and an even more exciting place to work.

Alicia Ortiz Serrano, Senior Fullstack Developer

Alicia has 4 years of experience in software development. After finishing her studies at Politécnica de Madrid, she worked for a startup in the renewable energy sector, developing an application to monitor wind farms and analyse the performance of wind turbines. With her passion for programming and sustainability, she joined Connect Earth where she is a Senior Full Stack Developer.

Romain Asnar, Senior Backend Engineer

Romain has 10 years of experience building products from a 100 users to a 100,000 users. He worked as a software engineer for startups in China, built an accelerator in France, and then moved to big corporates, first as a tech lead at Renault-Nissan and then as a software architect at Carrefour. After that, he decided to move back to startups with a better vision on how to scale teams and products. Today, Romain is a Full Stack Developer at Connect Earth.

Yentl Staelens, Carbon Modelling Specialist

Yentl gained his MSc degree in Environmental Sciences and pursued a minor in object-oriented programming. During the work on his Master thesis, he specialised in environmentally-extended input-output analysis using Python, bringing together both his interests in sustainability and coding. Today, Yentl works on iteratively improving the accuracy and coverage of Connect Earth’s carbon emission modelling.

Loris Moretto, Research Associate

Loris is Connect Earth’s first employee. His background in international business helped him become a reliable team member who can readily tackle new challenges spanning data, sustainability research, and marketing. Previously, he worked in luxury sales, hospitality, and research with multinational clients. Today, Loris is responsible for research and foreseeing opportunities, challenges, and risks at Connect Earth.

Will Tiller, Environmental Data Associate

Will gained his Master’s degree in Climate Studies, where he explored the negative externalities of our society on the Planet and potential adaptation and mitigation strategies to incorporate in the face of climate change. With his knowledge of policy and deep understanding of climate change, he joined Connect Earth where he focuses on developing the company’s core database, Connect Hub.