Our Net Zero Plan

At Connect Earth, we are dedicated to increasing our sustainability efforts and achieving Net Zero operations. This publication highlights our plans to reach our Net Zero commitments.

Even though we only began our company journey in 2021, we recognise the importance of setting our baseline year early. This will help us establish a solid foundation that will define our business operations and ensure that our decisions are examined through a sustainability lens for many years to come.

This year we have joined TechZero, as part of our pledge to maintain the highest sustainability standards possible, so that our operations can continue to create value for society, our employees, our customers, and all other stakeholders including our planet.

In this plan, we cover:

  • Our overall impact
  • What ‘beyond business as usual’ means to us
  • Our sustainability pillars
  • Our journey to Net Zero

Got any suggestions for how we can improve our Net Zero plan? We’d love to hear from you.