Embed carbon footprint insights into your mobile banking application

Connect Earth’s API is used by leading banks and fintechs globally to engage, acquire and retain mobile banking app users.

Capture the interest of the exponentially growing audience of climate conscious consumers.

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Endorsed and Utilised by Industry Leaders for Excellence

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Delivering Results That Matter

“We implemented Connect Earth’s transactions API within our mobile app, and within 2 months, we saw an increase in our customers’ engagement by 2% and higher environmental awareness by 20%.

Because of these promising results and the seamless and productive collaboration with Connect Earth team, we are continuing our work with them, hoping for even greater achievements.”

– Veronika Georgieva, Digital Product Manager, KBC Bank

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Key Product Characteristics

Empower consumers to make more conscious buying choices

Carbon data estimates for every transaction

Insights and tips to put carbon data into real life action

AI-driven transaction categorisation

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Tailored reduction recommendations

Continuously updated and improved data models and databases

How does it work?

Enhance Customer Engagement and Revenue through Sustainability: Connect Earth’s API seamlessly integrates with your banking app, offering your clients real-time transaction-based carbon footprint insights. This innovative tool empowers commercial banks to lead in sustainability by providing actionable carbon emission data, enabling deeper customer connections and fostering green financing opportunities.

Using a blend of spend- and activity-based emissions data, as well as behavioural science, financial institutions can engage & acquire customers, drive deposits and spending, whilst also reducing emissions of their retail banking customers.

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Why Connect Earth?

Empowering retail banks to lead in sustainability

Enable millions of consumers to harness and optimise vital emissions data

It’s never been a better time for financial services to take a stand. Be a catalyst for change and set sustainability and ESG at the top of your agenda.

Translate insights to drive comprehensive understanding and actionable change

68% of consumers want more information to help make better sustainable choices. With integrated carbon data you can empower customers in understanding and reducing their carbon footprint.

Get access to continuously updated and improved data models and databases

Tailoring our models to fit the specific data that banks can provide, rather than imposing a rigid and resource-intensive model, is the most tangible way to engage and facilitate real impact.

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